Video #1:  Introduction 
Presents the SCRAMBLECODE language and development environment, and visualizes how encrypted instructions can work with protected variables in memory during execution. >>>

Video #2:  Compilation, Integration and Execution 
Shows how each developer can create and deploy a private VM library for executing unique encrypted instructions, and demonstrates how to integrate SCRAMBLECODE within projects made with C/C++, C#, Java, Python, Rust etc. >>>

Video #3:  LIVE DEMO - The First Application 
Learn how to develop, test and deploy your first application by using the built-in tools to write, compile, execute and debug the code within the IDE. >>>

Video #4:  New DRM Every 24 Hours 
Watch how to create a strong DRM, which can be changed and updated every day without having to modify any binaries. It gives crackers a very short time to attack your software before having to do it all over again. >>>

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