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The End User License Agreement (the EULA) constitutes the legal terms for purchasing, using, distributing, updating, renewing and much more. The EULA also defines the terms of each SCRAMBLECODE license type.

In order to purchase or use SCRAMBLECODE you must accept to be bound by these terms.

Refund Policy: 
Any SCRAMBLECODE sale is final and not refundable. Always download and test the software extensively before making a purchase.

Privacy Policy: 
This website does not use cookies and does not require the disclosure of neither personal nor confidential information.

However, when purchasing or renewing a SCRAMBLECODE license, the ordering and payment process is handled by an appointed eCommerce provider acting as an authorized reseller. Due to this the ordering and payment process may require personal or confidential information and involve the use of cookies as set forth by the terms and conditions of the appointed eCommerce provider.

Software Registration: 
Registration is not required for downloading and testing the software.

In order to use the software with a purchased or renewed license, registration of a LicenseID text file is required. Read more about the available license types, prices and how to buy and register.

Support Policy: 
The terms and conditions are described on the Support page.

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All website material including software, text, graphics, designs, icons etc. are copyright ProgramPartner ApS.

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The Website: 
The domain (first registered in 2016) is owned by ProgramPartner ApS.

ProgramPartner ApS is the company responsible for the development, maintenance, documentation and support of SCRAMBLECODE.

ProgramPartner was founded in 2005 as an independent software provider. It is the offspring of companies, which from the mid-nineties and forward developed UN/EDIFACT software and integration components for ERP solutions. ProgramPartner still offers its expertise within these areas.

Over the years ProgramPartner has developed tailor made software with the potential for a wider use. It was the frustrating lack of secure flexible protection against piracy and cracking that eventually became the inspiration for creating SCRAMBLECODE (read the full story here).

SCRAMBLECODE was first released early 2017.

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