All Contact:  Business, media or technical issues etc. must be addressed to the support personnel using the email account presented below.

Send Feedback:  Found a bug in SCRAMBLECODE, or can something be improved or described better? Feel free to send an email with your experience or opinion. This is also true for developers evaluating the trial version.

Free Support:  Assistance is free of charge for everybody, but support requests from customers with an active license purchased or renewed within the last 12 month are given the highest priority. Please include the partially anonymous serial number of the LicenseID in the mail subject for an easy identification.

Test Latest Version:  If a problem (bug) has been found, please verify it exists in the most recent version of SCRAMBLECODE currently available. When possible please provide a few lines of code to exemplify the problem.

Check Examples:  The documentation is intended to be very informative, and the programming examples included last in the Programmers Reference may be particularly helpful.

Search Help:  When using the local help file it is possible to search the entire documentation very fast for any word or a specific sequence of words (e.g. "public key"), resulting in a list of pages containing the requested information.

Support is governed by the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) and offers no guarantees neither for being able to provide a satisfactory response, nor for the response time. The time and effort used on a support request is decided at the sole discretion of the support personnel. The procedures and intentions set forth for support may change without prior notice.