Free Download:  SCRAMBLECODE can be downloaded as a zip-file with all the required binary files included for the full version. It also includes a license identity file known as the LicenseID, which is provided as an evaluation license.

Trial Limitations:  The compiler default uses the included evaluation license to produce bytecode, which is executable for 24 hours. To continue testing, the source code must be recompiled. This is the only trial limitation. To avoid the limitation, let the compiler target a purchased registered LicenseID instead of the evaluation license.

Easy Install:  Simply download to an empty directory and unzip the file. This facilitates side-by-side installation of different versions. In order to uninstall, just delete the directory.

No Registration:  The downloaded software may be used for testing on any number of machines without registration in accordance with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Current Release:  The latest (current) release is version 0.99.2 Release Candidate RC2:
MD5: a48ba24c17031c214e89051bb2f86a80
SHA1: dd7c1f4b6165407f38127bafd3ef39fed2d2fd2b
SHA256: e62d7a93ff5fcbb9cec8645f53668eccd175f18a74f99d2d36b6d2a8dbc70c40
It is regarded as a mature preview with all security related functionality included, and it is responsible for the self-protection of certain internal product features.

NB! Please check out the System Requirements.

Follow us on Twitter to get notified, when the next (potentially the final) version is released. It is expected May 2017.

Identical Software:  Paying customers use the same download link to get the full version of SCRAMBLECODE or to download released updates. It is the same software. When downloading updates, please download to a new directory and follow the procedures described for Targets and DLL Management. Especially pay close attention to the information regarding updates and redeployment.

Using Other Keys:  To have full functionality available based on other key pairs, the compiler must target another registered LicenseID instead of the evaluation license. If this LicenseID is too old to be used with the downloaded release, please visit the shop to renew the license.