Where Used and Rename

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Where Used and Rename.

The Where Used and Rename functions are two individual menu functions of the Search Menu which however have some things in common.

They both require that the project can complete a full syntax check without errors in order to solve all references and search for matching symbols. The functionality does not rely on string comparison.

They also both require you must position the cursor on the name declaration of the symbol - e.g. using the class definition, function header, variable declaration etc.

Where Used.

This function opens the "Where Used" form and presents the location of each found occurrence sorted in a file+line manner. Double-clicking a line (or pressing Enter) will send you to the location in question.


This function shows the Rename form to rename the symbol. The current name is used as a suggestion for the new name to allow for an easy modification. When the renaming process is started, the symbol is renamed everywhere within the project - with the option of having the Undo-Redo list of each file updated.