Test Execution

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Test Execution.

The test bench can be invoked either by selecting the menu function Test Execution of the Compile Menu or by pressing the F5 key.

The test bench is an easy way to test your code without having to involve your host application.

In the Execute tab-page you can create different test scenarios - where each test case is defined with a set of input values. When the 3-step execution process is started, a new VM is created and executed, and the results are reported back. The results also include information about the duration of the execution.

In the Setup tab-page you control how to load the bytecode for execution - either from a Compilation Unit File (CUF) or by using the latest compilation currently in memory. The Setup tab-page can also be used to assemble and store all the specified test-cases as a single setup - saving it to a setup file. When the test bench is launched the next time, it can auto-load the setup file with all the test scenarios from the last session, which makes it easy to perform fast code changes, recompile, and then continue testing.