Start Page Menu Links

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Start Page Menu Links.

The Start Page displays links to a subset of the most important menu items already described for the main menu of the IDE.

The left panel contains these menu item links:

Menu Item


Note: These menu items can also be found on the File Menu.

New Project

Creates a new project by opening the project properties form.

Open Project

Shows a form to select an existing project file to open.

Recent Projects

Shows a form with a list of recent projects.

Note: These menu items can also be found on the License Menu, but here they are accessible for an administrator without having to open a project.

Create License and Keys

Opens a wizard that guides you through the steps required to create a new LicenseID and the involved public and private keys.

Update License and Keys

Shows a similar wizard to update your LicenseID and keys.

Private Key Protection

This wizard allows you to password protect private keys.


Shows the Program Options form that specifies general parameters independent of the individual projects.


Terminates the program.

The right panel contains menu items also found in the Help Menu. These primarily refer to the documentation or the home page.