Setup Management

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Setup Management.

The Setup tab-page controls how to load the bytecode for VM execution and provides an option to use a setup file for saving/loading the session settings.

Loading the ByteCode and Target.

The test bench will load the bytecode and provide it to the VM, when the VM is created. The bytecode can either exist in memory, if a project has just been compiled, or it can be loaded from a Compilation Unit File (CUF) which can be selected by clicking the adjacent button.

The selection of the bytecode determines the target, which is presented by the target ID and the DLL path. This information originates from the Targets and DLL Management setup.

Import/Export Settings.

A test session can be saved to a setup file using the Export function of the drop-down button. It can later be reloaded for an easy continuation of testing by invoking the drop-down menu function Import. Please note that once a setup file exists it can be saved repeatedly using the drop-down menu function Save.

The setup file contains session data in an XML format, which include each test case and their execution flow parameters. It also contains information about how to load the bytecode. However, it does not include any execution results.

TIP: Please note that the form can perform an auto-load of the setup file, when the form is opened. This can save you a lot of time while testing. It relies on the setup specified for Options and Project Properties.