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Search Menu.

These menu items contains functionality to either search for text using string comparisons, or to search for symbols by letting the compiler locate all code references:

Menu Item


Note: These menu items work on the files in a textual manner doing string comparisons. When searching for a substring, it can be done on either a file basis or within some selected text of the current file, provided the selection is done before the menu item is invoked. A more detailed description of the functionality is found here.

Find Text

Finds the specified text within the specified scope to search.

Replace Text

Does a find and replace. Can update the Undo-Redo list of every involved file.

Note: These menu items require that the project can complete a full syntax check without errors in order to solve all references and search for matching symbols. This functionality does not rely on string comparison. You can search for classes, fields, functions, variables etc. by positioning the cursor on the name declaration of the symbol. Read more about this functionality here.

Where Used

Opens the "Where Used" form that presents the location of each found occurrence. From here just double-click a line (or press Enter) in the form to jump to the specified file and line position.

Rename Symbol

Shows a form where to rename the symbol. When the renaming process is started, the symbol is renamed everywhere within the project. The Undo-Redo list of each file can be updated.