Run ByteCode in VM

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Run ByteCode in VM.

Once the bytecode is compiled and stored in memory, we are ready to use the test bench to execute the code in a VM.

» Press the function key F5 or click the menu item Compile > Test Execution.

» Each of the Main function arguments x, y, z is initially zero  A .

» Set the values  to search the cells for row 1 and columns 1..2.

» Start execution by clicking the button  C .

The results are:

Class Main


 Public Function Main(Integer x, y, z) : Integer


   //Create our text variable.

   String text := "X=" + x.ToString() + " and Y=" + y.ToString();

   //Convert text to UTF8 bytes, rotated z bits left.

   Blob crypto := Encrypt(text, z);

   //Write to the public VM cells, which are readable to the host.

   //Each cell is assigned as @CellSetType(rowIdx, columnIdx, value).

   @CellSetString(1, 1, text);

   @CellSetBytes(1, 2, crypto);

   Return crypto.Length();


 Private Function Encrypt(String text; Integer rotateBitsLeft) : Blob


   //This is a very simple encryption which turns the text

   //into UTF8 bytes, and then rotates the bits to the left

   //(or alternatively to the right if rotateBitsLeft < 0).

   Integer cpUTF8 := 65001; //the utf8 codepage;

   Blob tmp := @EncodeStringToBytes(text, cpUTF8);

   Return tmp.Rotate(0, rotateBitsLeft);



Rotate Bits.

» Assign another value to the z-argument of the Main function  A .

This will cause a bit rotation of the returned blob. Please notice that z = -1 will give the same result as z = 87, because 11 characters * 8 bit = 88 for a full rotation.

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