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Other Menus.

A number of pop-up and drop-down menus are included in the IDE. These all reuse menu items found on the fly-out menus of the main menu. These are included for convenience and use similar naming for easy recognition. Due to this they are not described again here. However a few menu items are special for the tab-page menus and are described below.

Project Explorer Pop-up Menus.

When the IDE is used in Design Mode (having a project currently open) the Project Explorer provides a pop-up functionality, which can be invoked by right-clicking a tree item. This selects the item node and a pop-up menu appears near the node in question.

Depending on whether the tree node identifies a project, a group or a file, the pop-up menu will differ and only provide menu items relevant for this type of tree item.

Editor Pop-up Menu.

The source code editor area has a pop-up menu which works on the text identified by the cursor position or the text currently selected. Please note that right-clicking in this area does not reposition the cursor, meaning you must position the cursor beforehand, but it allows you to present the pop-up menu anywhere without having the menu hide vital text.

Tab-page Menus.

When a tab-page is right-clicked, a pop-up menu appears with functionality related to tab-page management. The same can be accomplished by invoking the tab-page drop-down button.

The menu items are described elsewhere - with the following two exceptions:

Menu Item


Scroll Left

Scrolls left by up to 10 pages and activate the tab-page found.

Scroll Right

Similarly scrolls right by up to 10 pages and makes that tab-page the current.

Please note you can alternatively just select a tab-page and use the left-right arrow keys for fast sequential scrolling.