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The form Program Options contains parameters, which are considered common for all projects in general.

The parameters are grouped based on their functionality, and each tab-page is described next.

Text Editor.



Font Name

Font Size

These parameters controls how the source file text is presented when being edited. It is important to select a mono-spaced font (e.g. courier or similar font) in order to get the best looking results. The editor shows text as a grid of rows and columns making it easy to move vertical within a column, which is best suited for characters of the same size.


When a line gets the indentation increased or decreased, this parameter specifies the number of white spaces involved.

Undo Buffer

Here we specify the maximum number of editorial changes stored in the Undo-Redo list of each file being edited. Once the maximum number of events is reached, new events added will mean removal of the oldest events.

Cursor Movement Acceleration

These parameters allow for accelerated cursor movement when scrolling horizontally or vertically through large text files. The acceleration is applied with a delay and bit by bit to allow the user a better "feel" of control.

For instance if vertical acceleration is applied, then doing a vertical scroll will after a little while start to speed up - simply by increasing the jumps. Instead of having the cursor scroll vertically from rowN to rowN+1 it may start to skip a row here and there to increase the cursor movement.

Each parameter can be set to one of four options: Off, Light, Medium, Heavy.

TIP: Some CPU intensive operations (e.g. block-selection of large blocks of text) will use less resources when applying cursor movement acceleration.

Syntax Format.

These parameters represent how source code is presented in a "prettified" manner on screen. Please notice that these parameters does not change the fact, that source code is saved on disk as raw text (as entered).



Syntax Highlight

These parameters controls the coloring and boldness of protected keywords, symbols and code, text strings and comments. When clicking a color you can select the color of choice.

Auto-Format Keywords

This parameter specifies whether the protected keywords of the SCRAMBLECODE programming language are lowercased, capitalized or presented in uppercase.





This parameter represents a placeholder for the installation directory. It can be used as a folder or as part of a path everywhere the IDE require a path specified.

E.g. Code Snippets: path = $(InstallDir)\snippets.txt


This parameter represents a placeholder for the working directory - e.g. the Start in folder of a Windows shortcut.


This parameter is virtual and represents a placeholder for the directory containing the project currently open. If no project is currently open, this parameter is empty.

TIP: This placeholder can be very useful as a variable part of the path of the source files, in case these files are located under the project directory, making it easy to move an entire project from one directory to another without having to change the project setup.


This is a path to the settings.ini file which stores information about the size and position of IDE forms.


The file options.xml contains all the parameters described on this page.


The targets.xml file stores all Target information.

Project List

When displaying the recent projects to reopen, the content is stored in this file projects.xml.

Code Snippets

The file snippets.txt contains a lot of source code snippets, which can be inserted in the editor. It is open for modifications as described in detail here.


These parameters control the visible appearance of the forms and their visual components (buttons, labels, icons etc.).



Design Area Color

Sets the color of the background area when in Design Mode. It is used by the project explorer, the source editor and the debugger.

Form Settings

These parameters allows the user to scale the forms and their content, and to select a font for the involved text. The Preview button performs the changes on the form itself. Please read the page Rescaling and High DPI for a more detailed description.


This tab-page contains parameters which control what happens in connection with certain events - e.g. what happens at startup when the program (IDE) is launched.




Here you can control what happens at startup:

  • The list of recent projects can be displayed.

Test Execution

Debug and Trace Analysis

These two parameters provide a completely similar functionality:

  • When loading either the form for testing or the form for debugging, the last saved setup file can be imported automatically, saving valuable time - making it possible to start testing or debugging immediately once the form is open.

TIP: Each project can store a reference to the last setup file used for testing. This feature must be activated in the project properties for each project individually. This is especially useful when working with multiple projects.




Source Code Debugged

Click the color to select a color for the statement currently being debugged.

Breakpoint Line Enabled

This is the color of a breakpoint which is enabled and active.

Breakpoint Line Disabled

This color shows breakpoints which are disabled and which therefore do not pause execution.

Max. Length of Source Code in List Columns

When source code is presented in list columns in reference to trace events, it can be unnecessary timely and costly to present statements in full length. The default value is max. 100 characters but can be changed to match your requirements.

Please notice this value is only used for table based list columns. It is not used by the debugger for presenting the source code in general, which is always done in full length.