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It is extremely easy to install SCRAMBLECODE and get started:

The Files.

Once unzipped, the directory contains these files and folders:

File / Folder





The help file containing the documentation.


Contains short code snippets to insert into the source code.


The VM DLL in a 32 bit version for Windows.


The VM DLL in a 64 bit version for Windows.


A LicenseID usable for evaluating the program.


Contains the private keys designated for the evaluation.


Presents a log for the current and previous versions.


Directory contains a few files related to the tutorial.


Directory with the C#.NET source code for the DLL API.

SCRAMBLECODE does not install or change anything on your computer. It is self-contained and does not require the installation of other tools or frameworks. This also allows for easy side-by-side installation of different versions. To uninstall the program simply delete the directory.

During execution the IDE will generate and save several text files to the working directory. These files contains information about program settings, option parameters, recent projects etc. The installation directory is the same as the working directory, unless you create a shortcut in Windows to specify another working directory to start in. The files and paths used by the IDE can be inspected in the Program Options.


SCRAMBLECODE can be used with the accompanying files for an unlimited amount of time to evaluate the program in accordance with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Please note though that while using the program with the evaluation LicenseID, SCRAMBLECODE will produce bytecode which is only executable for 24 hours after which the source code must be compiled again.

The PrivateKey file contains 4 RSA key pairs involving one of each of the four bit sizes: 2048, 3072, 4096 and 8192 bits.

The downloaded vm32.dll and vm64.dll both have the 2048 bit public key embedded and these dll-files must be available for the IDE at all times. However, you can test the other keys of higher bit size by using the Target Manager to create a pair of dll-files for each key pair. Generally speaking higher bit size will increase the security level, but it will also increase the compilation time.

Maximum Security.

Using SCRAMBLECODE does not require an Internet connection. Not even for the first startup. This makes it possible to use it in a completely locked down environment.

However, in order to acquire a unique LicenseID registered to you, an Internet connection is required for the purchase of a serial number and the registration of your LicenseID. Any computer will suffice - the computer containing your private keys is not required for the online activity.