How to Buy and Register

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How to Buy and Register.

When you buy and register a SCRAMBLECODE license, it is done as a 3-step process:

Please note that these 3 easy steps can be performed over several days, if you so desire.

Why 3 Separate Steps?

It is all about safety - the safety of your private keys!

The second step 2 is the critical step in the process, because this step not only creates your LicenseID - it is also responsible for creating the involved keys, and therefore it is important that you have the option to perform this step on a computer, which may be located in a completely secure environment - not connected to the Internet.

Each step is explained next.

Step 1. The Purchase.

The online process of purchasing a serial number is straight forward. The authorized reseller guides you through the entire process making various purchase methods and currencies available to you. At the final stage you receive the serial number.

TIP: Please store the purchased serial number in a safe and secure manner. You will need it every time you want to renew the license.

Step 2. Creating the LicenseID and Keys.

SCRAMBLECODE uses a targeted compilation technology that differs for every LicenseID and registered key pair.

A key pair is made up by a public key part and a private key part. These are known as an asymmetric key pair, because they are not identical. The public key is not secret and may be known by everyone. The private key is a secret key that must be kept secret and safe within your organization at all times.

Depending on the type of license, you have purchased a serial number for, your LicenseID may contain a certain number of public keys, which will be registered and locked to your LicenseID.

SCRAMBLECODE has a wizard to guide you through the process of creating the LicenseID, and the wizard also creates the private and public keys, which are tested by signing and authenticating some random bytes before proceeding. Finally the wizard creates the files:


This file is a text file containing your purchased serial number, name, address AND your public keys.


This file contains your private keys + a copy of your public keys and serial number for convenience.
Please keep this file secret and safe at all times.

TIP: If the license type allows for generating multiple key pairs, it is not necessary to create and register them all at once. Any remaining key pairs can be generated at a later stage and registered when the license is updated - e.g. 12 months later.

Step 3. The Registration.

For step 3 you send the file LicenseID.txt to the SCRAMBLECODE mail support. The LicenseID is registered by inserting a lock on the fields and a date of registration (the RegDate) and is finally sent back to you.

Sending the LicenseID by mail or any other means is completely safe. A LicenseID does not contain any valuable secrets.

Usually LicenseID registrations are processed every day, but holiday periods can cause some delay.

TIP: Please note the 12 month UpdatePeriod, described by the End User License Agreement (EULA), giving you access to as many new versions as legally possible.

Internal Safety Measures.

If you are responsible for the administration of a multiuser license with access to a number of keys, then please read the page LicenseID, DLL and Targets. You should especially pay close attention to the suggestions about applying a password to encrypt each private key in the file "PrivateKey.txt", before you deploy this file internally to your developers.