Group Lines

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Group Lines.

In the Project Properties you can enable or disable group line numbers to swiftly include or exclude large blocks of source code.

Every line of text can be prefixed with one of the 10 numbers #0, #1 ... #9, which we refer to as group line numbers or simply group lines.

If a text line is prefixed with a group line number - e.g. #8, and this number is disabled in the project properties, then the IDE considers this number equal to a comment start and presents the rest of the line as a comment.


     Boolean append;

#8    append := True;

#9    @TraceWriteFile("c:\test\myDebugTraceEvents.txt", append);

In this example the group line number #8 is disabled and #9 is enabled for the project. The IDE is aware of this and colorizes the lines accordingly. The effect is that the variable append is never set to true.


Each text line can be prefixed with several group line numbers if multiple conditions must be fulfilled. The order of the numbers matters, and usually the highest ranking priority is positioned first.


     Boolean append;

#9#1  append := True;

#9#2  @TraceWriteFile("c:\test\myDebugTraceEvents.txt", append);

This example demonstrates that #9 and #2 must both be enabled in the project properties in order to execute the @TraceWriteFile command. It also exemplifies that the group line number #1 is disabled, which as a consequence makes the IDE (and the compiler) regard the rest of the line as a comment colorized in green.

TIP: Please notice the Edit Menu provides a function to group a block of code by assigning a group line number to multiple selected lines simultaneously.