Find and Replace

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Find and Replace.

The Find and Replace functions are presented as two individual menu functions of the Search Menu and they do indeed each have their respective forms as presented next.

However, they have a lot in common as the Find functionality is fully included in the Replace form.


Searching for a text string is done in a textual manner doing string comparisons. It can be done on either a file basis or within some selected text of the current file, provided the selection is done before the menu item is invoked.

These are the parameters for Find:



Find Text

This is the text to search for. If the cursor touches some text in the editor at the time, you invoke the Find functionality, then this text will be presented here as a suggestion.


The scope of the search is controlled here. The options are:

    • Current file(1)
    • All files
    • All files included for compilation
    • All files excluded from compilation

Note 1:

If you have selected multiple lines of text in the editor (e.g. rows xx..yy), this option is changed into:

    • Current file, lines: xx..yy

to allow for a search within the selection only. Once you start searching, the visible selection is changed to show the found results one by one, but the rows being targeted are still specified on the search option.


These criteria define which results to accept for the search. You can:

  • Enable case sensitive matching to evaluate letter casing.
  • Specify whether a textual match can be part of a bigger word or must match the length of the whole word.


The described Find functionality is also part of the Replace form.

In addition to those parameters you also have:



Replace With

This is the text to use as replacement.

Undo Actions

The changes made to each file can be recorded and stored in the Undo-Redo event list of every involved file.