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File Menu.

These menu items are used for file management - especially for managing projects, groups and source files - but also for the options file.

Here is a description of each menu item. Please note the order of the descriptions may differ from the order of the menu items on the menu.

Menu Item



Shows the Program Options form that specifies general parameters independent of the individual projects.


Opens the property form for either the Project Properties or the Source File or Group Properties dependent on which tree item is currently active in the Project Explorer.

New Project

Creates a new project by opening the project properties form.

Open Project

Shows a form to select an existing project file to open.

Close Project

Closes the project - but prompts you if any files should be saved before closing.

Recent Projects

Shows a form with a list of recent projects.

Note: These menu items can add or remove groups and files to your project. The groups and files can be indented to create a tree structure for the Project Explorer, each having either the project or another group as a parent node. You can also reposition the tree nodes for files and groups using the mouse for drag and drop operations.

Add New Group

Adds a new group by opening the group properties form.

Add New File

Adds a new file by opening the file properties form.

Add Existing File

Shows a form to select an existing file to include in the project.


Removes the selected file or group (if the group is empty). Files are not deleted from disk.


Saves the selected item (either the project or file). Groups are not saved individually as they are part of the project tree structure, which is saved with the project file.

Save All

Saves the project, and all files that have been changed.

Open Editor

If a file is selected in the Project Explorer this menu item will open a new tab-page with the file to edit. If it is already open, it will activate and show the tab-page in question.

Close Editor

Closes the current tab-page.

Close Others

Closes all but the current tab-page.

Close All

Closes all tab-pages.


Terminates the program. If a project is open, the close procedure is executed before exit.