Error Log

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Error Log.

When invoking the menu item Error Log from the Compile Menu the form "Error Log" is presented. It presents the list of errors which are generated by the compiler - either when syntax checking, compiling to bytecode or generating the list of symbols. The error log contains only the errors last reported.

If no errors were reported by the compiler, then the list/form is empty, but if any errors exist, they are sorted in a file+line manner and are presented in a tree structure with a node for each file, and with the individual errors attached as child nodes to each file.

Each error is presented individually line by line, and each includes a location [row : column], the source code in question and the error message from the compiler.

When double-clicking an error or pressing Enter a jump is made to the file in question - positioning the cursor at the location. If the file is not currently being edited, it will be opened and presented on screen.