Encode, Read, Write, StringBuild

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Encode, Read, Write, StringBuild.

This group of library functions supports reading and writing text files and binary files. These library functions also enable working with string-arrays and the conversion of text and blobs based on codepage encoding.

Any codepage values must match the OS specifications. Below is listed a few codepage values often used:




Unicode UTF-16 little endian byte order.


Unicode UTF-16 big endian byte order.


ANSI Latin 1 Western European (Windows)


Unicode UTF-7.


Unicode UTF-8.

In case other codepage values are required please do an Internet search for the MSDN documentation of available codepage values.

Also please notice that the library functions for reading and writing text files do not support byte order marks (BOM). In case this is required please use the equivalent binary import/export functions in combination with the encoding functions which allows for detailed customizations of the involved blobs - adding or removing a BOM manually.

Base64 Management.

The library functions @EncodeBytesToString and @EncodeStringToBytes can also perform base64 conversions.