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Edit Menu.

These menu items are used for editing source code.

Here is a description of each menu item. Please note the order of the descriptions may differ from the order of the menu items on the menu.

Menu Item


Note: These menu items work on the file currently displayed in the active tab-page. The Undo-Redo actions use the event list of editorial changes, a list which exist for each file being edited. The maximum number of stored Undo-Redo events is defined in Options.


Undoes an edit by going one step back.


Redoes an edit by going one step forward.

Note: These menu items can work with selection of text. Please notice the possibility of selecting a block of text by pressing ALT during selection.


Cuts the selected text - saving a copy on the clipboard.


Copies the selected text to the clipboard.


Paste text from the clipboard to the editor.

Select All

Selects all text of the file currently edited.

Note: These items work on either the current line or a sequence of selected lines.


Increases the indentation with spaces as defined in Options.


Decreases the indentation.

Delete Line

Removes the line(s).


Opens a form to select a # group number to insert on the line(s).


Inserts "//" to turn source code line(s) into comments.


Removes the first "//" from comment line(s).

Note: The editor works with the raw text from the files and just "prettifies" the visible text on the screen. These menu items allows for copying with formatting or for permanently changing the raw text to include the letter case formatting of the selected text.

Copy as Rich Text (RTF)

Copies the selected text as rich text (RTF) with the coloring and formatting included.

Autoformat Selection

Changes the formatting of the raw text using the formatting presented on screen.

Insert Snippet

Opens a form with code snippets to select for insertion.

Select Symbol

Opens a form with a list of symbols in a context sensitive manner as described in more detail here.