Easy Setup

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Easy Setup

The Setup tab-page assembles all the files used for a debug session. The paths of these files can be exported to a setup file and later imported (either manually or by an auto-load) for an easy continuation of the work.

The setup file can also contain the defined breakpoints. These are exported and imported based on the unique time-stamp of each source file. If these change due to recompilation, you can still import the breakpoints, however some breakpoints may need to be adjusted.

Files for Analysis

The Compilation Unit File(s) and the file containing the recorded trace events must be specified. The provided drop-down button of each can load and unload the files. The load functionality is the same as these menu functions.

Once the CUFs have been loaded the projects and source files are visible on the Debug Execution tab-page. When the trace file has been loaded the list of events are presented on the Trace Events tab-page.

TIP: If you load multiple CUFs they must be unique and refer to different projects.

TIP: Working with a large trace file is very easy. The trace events can be imported and scrolled very fast. The VM DLL default stores 100000 events (roughly equivalent to a 1MB trace file) which can be loaded and presented in a fraction of a second. Use the @TraceProperties library function to increase the storage to get even bigger trace files.

Import/Export Settings.

A debug session can be saved to a setup file using the Export function of the drop-down button. The setup file contains session data in an XML format. It can later be reloaded for an easy continuation of the debug and trace analysis by invoking the drop-down menu function Import. Please note that once a setup file exists it can be saved repeatedly using the drop-down menu function Save. These functions are also available as general menu functions.

TIP: The form can perform an auto-load of the setup file, when the form is opened. This time saving activity relies on the setup specified for Options and Project Properties.