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Loads a DLL. Returns true if the DLL is loaded. Otherwise returns false.


 @DllLoad(String path; Integer callType, &handle) : Boolean


Please note this function also returns true, if the DLL already is loaded - e.g. by another VM - setting the handle to the previously assigned value. However, if it is already loaded the callType will not be changed.



 String path := "c:\test\myFooAPI.dll";

 Integer callType := 1; //Use cdecl.

 Integer dllHandle;

 Boolean isLoaded;

 isLoaded := @DllLoad(path, callType, dllHandle);

 //Now isLoaded == True and dllHandle is assigned a value.

 isLoaded := @DllLoad(path, callType, dllHandle);

 //You will get the same results.

 //Doing it several times does not

 //raise an error.