Compile Menu

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Compile Menu.

These menu items are used for compile and test related functionality.

Menu Item


Error Log

Opens a form with the list of errors, sorted in file and line order. Double-click a line to jump to the error position as described here.

Syntax Check

Does a full syntax check of all the source files which are part of the project and which have their properties set to be included for compilation. Any # group lines will be included in accordance with the project properties.

Compile + Build

Starts by doing a full syntax check and then continues to compile the source code into bytecode based on the target specified in the project properties.

Target Manager

Shows a form with a list of all defined targets. This form also allows you to generate your personal DLL files.

Test Execution

Opens the form Test Execution to execute and test your compiled bytecode in different ways. The form can contain multiple test scenarios, where each scenario constitutes a test case that can specify different input values to test. All test cases can be saved collectively in a single setup file and later auto-loaded as part of opening the form.

Debug and Trace Analysis

Shows the debugger which can debug and analyze trace information in great detail. You can load multiple projects, set breakpoints on code lines, run execution and single-step in/out/over functions, view call stack, monitor traced values and much more. Any files involved in a debug session can have their path saved in a single setup file and they can later be auto-loaded as part of opening the form.