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This function can do a callback to the host application. The function returns an integer result.


 @CallBack(Integer x, y, z) : Integer


Please note:


A callback function is provided individually to each VM by the host executable. If it has not been set prior to doing the callback, an error will occur. In case multiple VMs share the same callback function, the @ID function may be relevant to inform the host about which VM is the origin.


Cells can be used to transport an unlimited amount of data back and forth between the VM and the host application.



 Integer result := @CallBack(@ID(), 1234, 5678);

The API Signature.

Any callback function must match the argument signature presented here:

 //Same API signature in either Pascal or C/C++ syntax.

 // Pascal:

 function Foo(x, y, z : int32) : int32;

 // C/C++:

 int foo(int x, int y, int z);