The Integrated Help: 
SCRAMBLECODE is deployed with a fully integrated local .chm help file, that allows for off-line development. The most recent version of the documentation is also available in an online version.

The documentation uses a tree structure like this:
SCRAMBLECODE Documentation
The documentation is here presented for the online version. JavaScript is required to show the 300+ pages in a tree structure.
The content is grouped into 6 overall sections, which can be read sequentially, but especially the Programmers Reference is often used as a direct lookup to find help for a given keyword or library function, identified by the position of the cursor in the source code.

The help topics also include information about the tools, forms and menus, which are an integrated part of the IDE, as well as some information about security in general.

The help topics can be invoked from the IDE by using the F1 key or the incorporated menu items located in the Help menu.

Get the Essentials: 

To get a fast insight into the most essential aspects of SCRAMBLECODE, first read the Introduction and then take a look at the Getting Started page, which contains a short list of links to the most significant pages of the documentation.